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Is your health
serving you?

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“ill-health contains the clues to thrive
and reach even higher levels of living”.

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If we don't invest time and energy in our wellness, we'll invest it in our illness. The first path is more likely to bring you happiness and fulfilment.


Change starts when you decide.

(My guess is if you're reading this, you already have decided and maybe you just need some guidance on which is the next or most effective step to take)

Clarity & Direction

The 1st task in this journey is to make sense of your situation.
Where are you currently going?
What's going on? Why? Is that where you want to go?
Next is to create a plan, the next phase. What direction to take, what clues your body is giving you. The subtle You knows what you need to experience more joy.




Even a perfect plan unravels when it gets into contact with the real world. The journey will provide you with a healthy dose of resistance and obstacles. It's a sign you're actually making true progress. As you're adjusting to new habits it's essential to navigate the terrain wisely. Life is not a straight line and learning to micro-adjust will help you stay the course.
Changes in your circumstances (lifestyle, diet, relations, work etc... ) will create reactions and strange sensations. The "old" life & habits will resist change and challenge your resolve. 
Getting a mountain guide, a coach can make a big difference
New and healthier habits feel strange but are to be expected. It's particularly helpful to have assistance, to guide you through the rougher parts and build the habits that will navigate you on your journey.

New You

Actually, it's not really a "New" you; it's the "Real You" now shining through. I can't say much about this. It is to be discovered.

Life will deepen in meaning. You'll likely meet new friends, and your current relations will transform, become more nourishing for all or end. New and old interests will spark up.
Enjoy the next part of your life. If you need anything, I'm available :-)


Deep Listening

An ancient saying reminds us that we have 2 ears and 1 mouth. This points to our need to listen twice as much as we talk. Our life wants to communicate with us, but it has a very subtle voice. Deep listening will reveal what you need to see.


No Shortcut

There's no shortcut, not one that will bring you real joy anyhow. Yet taking a step on the path that's Yours, will light you up. 

The light bulb moment of "Wow I can do this..." is in your capability. If you're reading this, you probably have already made some progress...

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Ancient Wisdom

Most ancient health approaches have in common that there is more to health than the physical aspects. Wisdom and knowledge are taught through stories and texts to meditate on. They take you on a journey of self-discovery. Each client-practitioner interaction is a journey.
Joy (and some pain) is a sign of progress.


Matthew D'haemer

Nearly 20 years ago, several events triggered a change in the direction of my life. Slowly waking up to the links between health and a vibrant life. I trained as a naturopath and delved into the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. I was inquisitive about the underlying patterns and flows related to what's on life's surface.

You are a unique story that is unfolding. Your genetics, your life, your environment holds clues that are there to assist you. Together we’ll clarify what’s needed to get you on Your track. My work: Getting You back into a state of flow, where Your body's ability is back on top of your health.


Our work together


Matthew D'haemer has been working as a holistic practitioner for nearly 20 years. The best label to describe his way of working is a Holistic Life Coach. His training started with naturopathy, Ayurveda, Iridology... but the core comes from a deep passion for approaching health and wellbeing from an authentic and "In the Now" perspective. Your difficulties and pain contain clues to what needs to be looked at and how to progress. You and your path are unique.

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