Transform your illness

ll-health creates pain and the natural response is to try to get rid of that pain.

But what do you do if the pain gets worse, keeps coming back and are unable to make it go away for good?

The foundations of all ancient healing modalities have this key principle in common: “your ill-health contains the clues for you to get, not only better, but to thrive and reach even higher levels of joy”.

Stepping into the driver's seat and changing course will take you to a different place. Ill-health is feedback from the past. It contains the clues needed for more joy in your life.


If we don't take responsibility for our health, then someone else will take care of your illness. In the long term, it's unlikely you'll be happy with the results. 

Decide to take responsibility.

(My guess is if you're reading this, then probably you already have decided and maybe you just need some guidance on which is the next effective step to take)

Clarity and direction

The 1st task in this journey is to make sense of your situation.

Where are you currently going? What's going on? Why is it the way it is...

The 2nd task is to create a plan, or at least define the next step. 

To guide you into the direction your body wants to go (to experience more joy).


The 3rd task is to fine tune and to do this regularly. Life is not a straight line and learning to micro adjust will help you stay on track.

Any change in your circumstances (lifestyle, diet, relations, work etc... ) will create reactions and strange sensations.

It's best to check in with any unfamiliar feelings. New and healthier habits can feel strange but are normal.
Help is available during this transition.

It's particularly helpful to have assistance, to guide you through the rougher parts and build the habits that will keep you on Your track.

New You

Actually it's not really a "New" you, it's the real you that is now shining through. I can't say much about this. It's to be discovered.

It's likely you'll meet new friends, passions, life interests.
Enjoy the next part of your life.

If you need anything, I'm available :-)

Change happens when
the pain of staying the same
 is greater than the pain of change

Deep Listening

An ancient saying reminds us that we have 2 ears and 1 mouth. This points to our need to listen twice as much as we talk. Our life wants to communicate with use, but it has a very subtle voice. Deep listening will reveal what you need to see.

No Shortcut

There's no shortcut, not one that will bring you real joy anyhow. Yet taking a step on the path that's Yours, will light you up. 

The light bulb moment of "Wow I can do this..." is in your capability. If you're reading this, you probably have already made some progress...

Ancient Wisdom

Most ancient health approaches have in common that there is more to health than the physical aspects. These systems are taught through stories and texts to meditate on. They take you on a journey of self discovery. Each client - practitioner interaction is part of both persons journeys. Joy is a sign of progress.

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