COVID-19 a Holistic Approach*

The change

(*Holistic approach means looking at the allopathic or modern medicine view and fully understanding this view. It is very powerfull at understanding the physical aspects. We also include our understanding of health that has to do with natural immunity and what strengthens the whole body to better deal with outside pathogens). This pandemic is bringing about a change in many areas of life of earth. Human interactions, fear, work, nature, lifestyle, family life... More on this soon...

In the begining of the outbreak, I was closely assisting a family that was affected by COVID 19.

  • On the 2nd March, a 5-year-old girl comes home from school with the unwanted virus...
  • Her younger brother then gets the virus
  • Both children hav high temperature (38 to 40°C) for a week, but they were still playing and eating for most of the time.
  • Their mother who had just given birth, two days before (and was breastfeeding) the eldest daughter showed symptoms starts feeling ill
  • She had a high temperature and increase in fatigue for 5 days
  • Even though tired from the illness, breast feeding continued and she was still able to participate in caring for three children and do some house chores. At this point, nobody thought it was COVID19.
  • The husband started with mild aches and pains the day his wife had her last spike in temperature. As the wife and rest of the family recovered the husband seemed to be experiencing stronger symptoms:
  • A first video doctor's appointment pointed to sinusitis, but 2 days later another video appointment with a different doctor, their opinion was clearly Covid19.
  • During this time the family discovered that everyone's sense of smell and taste was altered. No tests were done, as France at that time only tested those that required hospital admission.
  • Some of the symptoms were (about d1 to d14), muscle and joint pains, little to no appetite, intense fatigue, mostly bedriden and mild disorientation
  • A productive cough occured and nasal cavities had green, yellow and rust-coloured mucus
  • (Sinus cleansing with a neti pot (saline water) was already a bi-daily habit
  • This neti cleaning was increased to 4-10/day and was very effective at clearing mucus buildup in nasal cavities)
  • Temperature fluctuating between 38 and 40.2 from d2 to d11
  • Azithromycin (antibiotic) and paracetamol was prescribed on d5 and continued for 9 days.
  • Some vitC and also Elderberry syrup was taken irregularly. Fruit was more or less the only source of food that was able to be eaten at times.
  • After 2 weeks from the first symptoms, temperature started reducing but still experienced a small spike in the evenings for a few days.
  • Paracetamol 1g in evening for d13-d16 This was a slow turning point for the better.
  • Every day then was a small step in feeling a little better with a couple of days of small steps back, overall the recovery was happening. With regular naps and early nights, small increases in food quantity and variety (fruit, veg and small amounts of legumes/grains).
  • d15 - The husband was able to go for short walks, some non-physical work and play with children.
  • Healthy food, good rest, sunshine and fresh air are slowly regenerating him back to health. (8-10Kg body weight was lost)
  • d20 - The husband is 95% back to normal and starting to regain strength

Insights that came out of following the experience of a family going through Covid19: Flu like features but with very intense fatigue.

He's reported this experience was a profound rebirth for him. For 20 years he’s been doing a spiritual exercise that involves quieting the “monkey mind” and exercising his ability to deepen his contact with Life. He talks about it being a bit complicated to explain in words, but that this experience was like a profound storm that got rid of a lot of deadwood in him. A rise in altitude and thus a renewed perspective on life.

A new door has opened and the start of a new phase. These deep conversations we’ve had together have been profound on me. It deepens my understanding of the relations between health, the “fixed structures” in our lives that often limit us and how illness can force deep needed change to happen.

Obviously each case of Covid19 is different and so it’s difficult to make generalities. Yet this case is an example of the saying: “Real change is only possible with either blind terror or pure love”.It’s been a gift to witness and in a small part assist in this case.If you have any questions, please do ask and I’ll do my best to give accurate answers.


Based on science and the latest available understandings.

Signs and symptoms:
  • Fever & chills
  • Muscle/bones/joints ache
  • Fatigue
  • Similar to Flu
  • Mucous in sinuses (Yellow, green, rust colour)
  • Dry Cough
  • Loss of Smell (Taste is affected)
  • Sputum - Productive Cough
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Diarrhea, vomiting
More coming soon ...

  • Viral Load
  • Pre-existing health status and genetics
  • Sinus/nasal cleansing

How the virus happens:

Each person is unique and it’s not possible to describe a typical way someone might be affected. So this is a list of aspects that have be reported, with also my first hand observation of assisting a family that has been affected.