About Me

Nearly 20 years ago, a number of events triggered a change in the direction of my life. Slowly waking up to the links between health and a vibrant life. I trained as a naturopath and delved into the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. I was deeply curious about the underlying patterns and flows related to what's on life's surface.

You are a unique story that is unfolding. Your genetics, your life, your environment holds clues that are there to assist you. Together we’ll clarify what’s needed to get you on Your track. My work: Getting You back into a state of flow, where Your body's ability is back on top of your health.

Iridology & Ayurveda are particularly interesting.

Together they give a useful and broad insight. Needing equipment for iridology, I created www.irislab.com to improve my work and provide equipment to other enthusiastic practitioners

Working within a team

For many years, I've seen the benefits of working with other practitioners that have different strengths, backgrounds and experiences. I've built strong relations with a number of practitioners in various fields of health.

I regularly consult with them on a broad range of topics. Ayurveda - Traditional Chinese - Allopathic - Herbal - Lifestyle Coach - and many more...