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LifeMagicians is about mastering Life. A space to gain understanding and skills.
It's for anyone keen to go deeper and look at the root of the challenges one is facing.
Either for yourself or for your clients, if you're a practitioner wanting to have a "real" impact.

This journey is about going down the rabbit hole... 

We are supposed to change s.png

There are many layers and challenges. LifeMagicians is not synchronised with "modern/normal" life habits, or even politically correct views. Life/Nature doesn't really care much about 21st-century human made up customs. The aim is not to offend, yet it does happen when our current "normal" isn't able to include different perspectives.  

LifeMagicians is not for everyone.

The gems only reveal themselves when we're ready to see them. Real progress on the areas that need progress, always come with a good dose of challenge.



Change happens when

the pain of staying the same

is greater than the pain of change

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