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Your Journey

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My work as a holistic health coach is comparable to that of a mountain guide. By reading the signs and symptoms, I identify the clues to your health. I bring clarity to your situation and assist with whatever is needed to reach a higher level of aliveness and joy. There are many possible paths to wellness, and I offer my experience, tools, and skills to ensure you make the best progress on your journey.



Video Consultations

A video consultation is very similar to an in-clinic session. We'll take the time to examine your current situation, discuss what has been happening, and identify where you want to go.


For online video sessions, make sure you're in a comfortable place where you feel free to talk.


First Session

In our first session, we'll focus on the main reasons you've sought my assistance. Then, we'll explore broader aspects of your life to gain a comprehensive understanding. Often, imbalances are linked to less obvious factors.


Follow-up Sessions

In follow-up sessions, we'll assess how the changes in your life are unfolding. As you adapt to new habits in your unique environment, new aspects may surface that need to be managed and included in our focus.


Practitioner Support

I offer comprehensive support for practitioners, including:

- Setting up as a new practitioner
- Moving to a new location
- Growing your clinic
- Transition to online work
- Exploring new sources of income
- Expanding your skills
- Finding work that sparks joy

- Advice on complex health case


Every challenge is an opportunity to grow and become more effective, similar to improving health.

Working Together

Every person is unique, and our work together will reflect that. It might involve a simple dietary adjustment, or we might explore your current life path to see if it's likely to lead you to where you want to be.

Addressing Both Physical and Non-Physical Aspects

Your health issues encompass both physical and non-physical dimensions. The best results are achieved when both aspects are addressed. My goal is to create a holistic plan tailored to your specific constitution, lifestyle, environment, and relationships.

Adapting to New Directions

It's important to pay close attention to what arises as you begin taking steps in a new direction. Fine-tuning adjustments will be necessary as the landscape of your life starts to change. 

In some cases, certain elements in your environment may require specific focus to maintain your progress.

Areas of Focus:

  • Life Direction: What sparks your enthusiasm

  • Current Projects: Professional and personal endeavors

  • Personal & professional Relations: Key influence

  • Diet & habits: Daily routines and nutrition

"The Fruit of Dharma is Joy"


Ancient Eastern saying - Dharma = Your True Path

Initial Session


£ 90

1 - 1.5h  Video Session

  • First Consultation

  • Understand what is happening with your health.

  • Discuss where you are now and where you want to go.

  • Bring the most critical issues to the forefront, addressing what needs to be done to get you back on track.

Follow-up Session

£ 60

45 - 60 mins  Video Session

  • Check how things have evolved since our initial session.

  • Make sure you have everything you need to continue progressing.

  • Identify any environmental factors affecting your progress.

  • Address and manage any resistance to the changes you're making, helping you ease through the transition.

Practitioner Support *

£ 30

30 mins - Video Session

  • Receive expert advice on challenging health cases.

  • Guidance on starting your practice.

  • Strategies to expand and enhance your clinic.

  • Tips for acquiring and refining new skills.

  • Turn difficulties into growth and effectiveness.

* Only for practitioners

Free Chat


If you have a quick question, are intrigued by something on this website, or are unsure if my services are right for your situation, feel free to book a brief chat. This free conversation will help address any queries you have and determine how I can assist you best.

Smart Phone Call

Our work together

Matthew D'haemer has worked as a holistic practitioner for nearly 20 years. The best way to describe his approach is as a Holistic Life Coach. His training encompasses naturopathy, Ayurveda, and Iridology, but his core philosophy is driven by a deep passion for approaching health and well-being from an authentic, "In the Now" perspective.


Your difficulties and pain contain valuable clues about what needs to be addressed and how to make progress. Both you and your path are unique, and our work together will reflect that individuality.

My Guarantee

Health is much like a veggie patch—you may not harvest everything you plant, but the focus and energy you invest will reflect in the quality and quantity of your harvest.

Clear communication is essential, so please keep me informed about your progress. If, after following my advice, you feel it isn't effective in helping you make progress, I offer a full refund.


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