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So adding another perspective on something can sometimes lead to new insights. The same happens with clients that come to see a practitioner. Before they do, they see their problem from one point of view. If they consult practitioners that also see health issues as problems, it’s still coming at the situation with a similar perspective albeit a more informed one, but still from a similar angle.

By the way, a truly holistic practitioner is different than a natural health practitioner that uses herbs or diet to also try to fight the problem.

The holistic approach is to go up in altitude to see more and from a different perspective. What enabled the issue to take place in the first place? What in that person’s world will resist change and hinder the shift that their health is trying to communicate?

Holistic work has nothing to do with herbs or diet, it’s about altitude and Sherlock-Holmsness

(more on this in future posts…)

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