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Updated: May 29

Holistic Perspective: Seeing Beyond the Problem

Adding another perspective can lead to new insights. When clients visit a practitioner, they often view their problem from a single angle. Consulting practitioners who also see health issues as problems merely provides a similar perspective, albeit a more informed one.

The True Holistic Practitioner

A truly holistic practitioner offers a different approach than a natural health practitioner who uses herbs or diet to combat the problem. Holistic work is about elevating the perspective—gaining altitude to see more and from a different viewpoint. It's about understanding what enabled the issue to take place and identifying factors in the person’s world that may resist change and hinder the shift their health is trying to communicate.

Holistic practice is not just about herbs or diet; it’s about altitude and a Sherlock-Holms-like investigation into the root causes of health issues.

(More on this in future posts...)

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